My January Daily Habit

This is my January daily habit chart. My January daily habit was to walk or run every single day. I think this is good because it is good exercise. For my February daily habit, I’m going to stretch every single day. This will be good for me because at the end of the month I will feel good, because I stretched every single day.
Some challenges I faced with my January daily habit was I was always so tired so I didn’t want to go on a run, but I knew I couldn’t walk every single day because that is not my January daily habit. For some of my days I did my January daily habit on the Peloton exercise machine because we recently got one and it is good because I can do different exercise sessions.

I think what I will do for my daily habits on all the months will be to do one month exercise and one month stretch or some other thing that is relaxing. For example, January I walked or ran. So for February I’m stretching, and it will go on and on and on like that. I hope you enjoyed my January daily habit blog post. Thanks for reading!