My Accomplishments During The Remote Week

Hi, I want to tell you about some of my accomplishments during my fully remote week. In math, we did a really fun project about budgeting and buying items, and that was a big success for me because I ended up doing really good! That was my favorite project, but I also did a geography project and a egg drop project for other classes. I worked at my desk in my room and what I did that helped me is I didn’t do everything at once each day. I would do an assignment or two, then take a break because of looking at a screen so much. My eyes still hurt from looking at a screen a lot but that helped. I am currently reading The Last Kids on Earth series and right now I’m on book 4. I’m also waiting for a book series called the Magnus Chase. Up above you will see my logo that represents me and all the bracelets I make. Outside of school, I usually play with my neighbor friend from my old school at his house or I play on our new Xbox that we just got.