My Frances Dowell Story





Hello, today I am going to tell you about a 4-6 month story I wrote called a Frances Dowell story. So let me start you off with what is a Frances Dowell story. Well, a Frances Dowell book is a book we made as 6th graders off of Frances Dowell’s advice on how to make a story.

One thing I learned from Frances Dowell on making a story is that the opening scene or the first draft is the hardest part of the story because you never know what to start off with and if you start off with something and you don’t like it you have to restart. I also got taught a lot about stick and stone problems and big monster problems and this is when you run into a huge or not huge problem. Some stick and stone problems I went through were when I was writing some of the story what I was writing made no sense but I didn’t know how to write it. A monster problem I went into was I changed my whole big problem of the book and I had to change a few other parts in my book, just because of this.

Some things I left out in the revising stage was I forgot a lot of commas and I learned that with the dialogue you have to start a new paragraph each time like this.

”Hi I’m Jude.”

“Oh Hi I’m Jeremy.”

Also, something else I learned is that when you’re ending a sentence with dialogue the period goes in the dialogue not outside.

Mrs. Dowell read a excerpt (a section) from my story and based on the compliments she gave me after the story I could tell she liked my story! Some hardship I faced writing the story was in the middle of the story I would get stuck on what to write next and this would keep happening and I was running out of ideas. I don’t think I will continue to write more stories but this has been an incredible experience and I am really proud of what the outcome of my story was.

My story is going to be sent to Mrs. Dowell and if you are reading this Mrs. Dowell then I want you to have a great time reading my story because it was all based on your advice!

So to end this blog off I want to say that writing a story (especially  off of Mrs. Dowell’s advice ) was an incredible experience and I think you should try to do this too. Down below is the link to her website where you can find out how to make a story!

( P. S. This link below is the link to Frances

website check it out!!!



The LeBron I Promise

“LeBron James” by themmg is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This is the story about how I’m going to get the LeBron I Promise shoes. My family and I were going shopping on the weekend at the mall and we went to Nike. I saw these LeBron I Promise shoes and I liked them a lot.

So I told my dad I wanted them and my dad said, “No, you already have shoes.” So when we got home I asked my dad again, “Dad, I really like these shoes can I have them?” So my dad said, “Hmm how about this Jude, I will get you these shoes but I’m going to get this to you for your birthday.”

I then said, “Dad, that’s 5 months away. I don’t want to wait that long.”

So he then said, “Fine, I’ll get you them now but it’s your birthday gift from me.”

I said, “Okay” and he said we would get them for me next week.

I am very excited about these shoes. The reason I like these shoes are well first of all they are very colorful and they really cool. I also learned it’s a good shoe for a good cause. LeBron James made this shoe based on the I Promise school he made.

Comment if you think these shoes are cool. See you all next time!!!

( P.S.    There were no images that were not copyrighted so if you want to see the shoes go look up LeBron I Promise shoes thanks! )

Window And Mirror

“The Sword of Summer” by Vernon Barford School Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


This is my window or mirror book. Before I tell you which book this is to me you may be wondering, what is a window or mirror? A mirror is a book you feel like you can relate to and you can connect to yourself. A window is a book that you feel like your stepping into, or you’re stepping into a imaginary window and that window leads you to your book.

Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer is a window book for me. It is a fantasy book about gods and a character ( Magnus Chase ) who finds out he’s the son of a god and he’s a really important character because without him Ragnarak starts ( A very bad thing).

Now this doesn’t relate to me so this a window book for me because when I read this book I feel like I am stepping into. I feel like once I start reading or once I start stepping into it, I feel like the world has changed and I’m in my book’s world, I’m in the setting, time, and area of my book.

I highly recommend reading Magnus Chase if you like fantasy books. It’s great and if you want a window book read Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer.

(There are three books in the series)

My January Daily Habit

This is my January daily habit chart. My January daily habit was to walk or run every single day. I think this is good because it is good exercise. For my February daily habit, I’m going to stretch every single day. This will be good for me because at the end of the month I will feel good, because I stretched every single day.
Some challenges I faced with my January daily habit was I was always so tired so I didn’t want to go on a run, but I knew I couldn’t walk every single day because that is not my January daily habit. For some of my days I did my January daily habit on the Peloton exercise machine because we recently got one and it is good because I can do different exercise sessions.

I think what I will do for my daily habits on all the months will be to do one month exercise and one month stretch or some other thing that is relaxing. For example, January I walked or ran. So for February I’m stretching, and it will go on and on and on like that. I hope you enjoyed my January daily habit blog post. Thanks for reading!

What Punctuation Mark Am I



I think I’m a question mark because a lot of people, especially my family tend to say I ask a lot of questions and I’m a really curious person. I also am a exclamation mark. I tend to stick out a lot . People also say I have a loud voice. For example, at home I’m always asking questions about the most random things, and when we are out of the house I usually always have a loud voice. I’m a exclamation point because I am also very athletic and me being energetic helps. I am a ? and a ! and I’m proud to be those punctuation marks.


My Plank And Daily Habit

Hi, for the last few weeks we did the plank challenge. In the plank challenge you plank and every two days the time you have to plank increases 10 more seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, it was very difficult and day by day it got easier and easier. My final plank time was 3 minutes.

My daily habit is walk to run. I’m going to walk every day and halfway through the month I’ll run. I’m going to be doing a lot of this on the Peloton exercise machine. I think this is great because it gets me exercise.

My Accomplishments During The Remote Week

Hi, I want to tell you about some of my accomplishments during my fully remote week. In math, we did a really fun project about budgeting and buying items, and that was a big success for me because I ended up doing really good! That was my favorite project, but I also did a geography project and a egg drop project for other classes. I worked at my desk in my room and what I did that helped me is I didn’t do everything at once each day. I would do an assignment or two, then take a break because of looking at a screen so much. My eyes still hurt from looking at a screen a lot but that helped. I am currently reading The Last Kids on Earth series and right now I’m on book 4. I’m also waiting for a book series called the Magnus Chase. Up above you will see my logo that represents me and all the bracelets I make. Outside of school, I usually play with my neighbor friend from my old school at his house or I play on our new Xbox that we just got.

My Gratitude

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you about my gratitude. I have gratitude towards my parents. They do so much for me to make me have a great life, and thanks to my parents I have a life. I have clothes, I have a bed, I have a brother and sister and do you know where all of this came from… it came from my parents. So my gratitude is for my parents. I’m Jude and I have gratitude for my parents.