My Stock Market Project

Hellooooooo! I want to tell you about my stock market experience!!! Before that I want you to know what the stock market is? The stock market is stocks that companies made to earn more money. You invest in a stock and if the stock market is doing good then you earn money if it isn’t you lose money. Also it depends on how good the company is doing.

So in this stock market project we we’re given $20,000 ( we weren’t really given $20,000 ) to spend on stocks. We could pick up to 5 socks but they had to be NASDAQ ( New York stock exchange ). So now let me tell you what I picked, but before I tell which stocks I chose from the stock market I want to tell you that at that time I was a horrible stock picker. Now I am better, like a lot better. So I chose Facebook, Starbucks, Google, and wing stop. The reason I chose these was I just recognized them because at that time I wasn’t a good stock picker. But I did something crazy, I invested 41 stocks into wing stop. I don’t know why I did that but at the time I did it because I just loved wing stop and yeah. But that also meant that whenever wing stop did good I would earn a ton of money. So in the chart above (the first photo ) this is how it worked we would put in how much we invested in one stock. Then we would check every so often and we would put in how much the stock costs. Then we changed the date to the time we checked the stock and it showed us our total loss or gain.

So at the end of the stock market project I earned $583.85. Also the reason we did this stock market project was because the book Westing  Game and a girl named Turtle in it. She loved stocks and that was her hobby, so that’s why we did the stock market project. At the beginning of this project though we had a teacher at this school ( Ms. Sprague) teach us about the stock market and she explained the whole project to us and it was great!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my stock market project experience. SEE YOU NEXT TIME BYEEEE!

My Ted Talk

HELLOOOOO! Today I want to talk to you about My Ted Talk. If you don’t know what a Ted talk is, it’s a talk about a really cool topic check out some talks at or For Language Arts class at school we did one ( it wasn’t actually published to the real site ) about that we really like. Above you can see me doing mine, and I’m going to tell you about mine in the blog post.

So as you can see in the photo, I did my Ted Talk on Muslim Science and Creations. I’m Muslim so this interested me a lot and it was cool to learn about it too. So now I want to tell you the process on making a Ted Talk.

1. A topic

First step of making a Ted Talk is really simple, all you have to do is make a topic for it to be on. And it can be anything you want. I would pick something that you know and you really like.

2. Research and speech

So now you have to start erase arching your topic and then what you do to your research is you make a speech. Then you memorize that speech. In a real Ted talk you would practice for over a YEAR!!! but for us we memorized some of ours but we had a little speech in our hands just in case. With the speech you practice a lot and you should present yours to a friends to make sure you got it down.

3. Slides

Then you create some slides with pictures and literally no words because when an audience sees words on a slide they read them and when they’re done reading, they’re bored and lose focus on you talking.

4. Presenting

This is the best part because here you present your Ted talk to people and it’s so fun sharing something you like.

Now let me tell you about my blog post. As I said it’s on Muslim Science and creation. Let me tell you one thing that Muslims created, coffee. I knew coffee was a big thing but I didn’t know Muslims created it! Because personally almost every adult I know drinks coffee, if not all. Then I talked about Muslim science and the examples I used for this was astronomy and geography because in Islam Muslims need to know what time to pray so they had to look at the sky a lot. Also geography ties in with this because when Muslims pray they need to face the Kabah ( the most holy place in Islam ) so they need to know where it is at all times. Now a days you can just use your phone or a device but back then you couldn’t.

So all in all I think the Ted Talk experience is super cool and I would recommend you create one and present it to your family or friends. Personally me I think Ted talks are a great way to share your interest and spread facts that other people don’t know,

Here are the two links for Ted talks. I would recommend watching a few from both websites!


My Tree Book

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you about my tree book. First of all,  a tree book is a project we did for school in Language Arts class. We worked on this for 71 whole days, from March 5th- May 15th. We had a helper helping us with these tree books too, her name was Peg Gignoux (check out her website! now let me tell you the process  of these tree books

1. Screen printing

The first thing we did to create these beautiful tree books were screen printing. Screen printing was when we take something from nature for  example leaves, sticks, etc. Then what we do is we paint over it and it makes a beautiful picture

2. Folding

Next we had to actually fold the paper to get it to what it is now. We hot dog folded it, we hamburger folded it, and we glued it until we got all the actual shape. When we did stuff with paint or glue or something wet we would leave it out to dry. We wouldn’t fold it.

3. Akua Ink

This was my favorite part of making my tree book. So what we would do for Akua printing is we would take a thick slab that had some words on it. Then we would take a piece of paper, lightly put some paint over it, and then we would take a brayer ( roller ) and roll over it. Then you would take that and roll it on pieces of paper and it was beautiful. It was so fun at the same time too.

4. collaging

This was a fun stage! First of all if you don’t know what collaging is I’ll explain, collaging is when you take paper ( colored paper is used mostly ) and you cut it into really cool shapes and then glue it something. This is what I felt really made up the art in the book and it was really fun to do this to!

5. Pockets

The pockets or little coin packets were what we put the writing part of our tree book and we put 1 or 2 on the inside, or 1 or 2 on the outside. But in total we put the pockets, and I’ll explain what we put in the pockets in our next step.

6. When This Is Over, Life List, My wish, Salute To My Roots

These are the writing we put in our pockets. I’ll explain each one to you. When This Is Over is a little poem we wrote saying two things. One of them was a list of things were going to do after the pandemic and the second is qualities we want to keep that we created over the pandemic. We put this in our book but not in one of the pockets.

Life List is a list of things we want to do in our life, but the thing is they’re are no limits, for example you could say I want to run at the speed of light. We put this in one of our pockets.

The next thing, Salute To My Roots was a paragraph writing on someone in our roots. For example your dad, your grandpa, or even your aunt and uncle. Then we wrote a letter small paragraph of appreciation, and this went into another one of the pockets.

My Wish was 2-3 wishes that were huge put not so crazy, things that you think could really happen and you wrote them down on your actual tree book or you could just print it then put that in your tree book. For the last pocket, a picture was taken of us and wrapped around in a ribbon.

7. Wishtree by Kathrine Applegate

This was not a process of the tree book, but this is a book that helped encourage it. This book has a ton to do about a tree and wishes, personally me recommending you this, I would check it out.

8. Frank Gallery

Then we took the tree books to the Frank Gallery, which is such a huge honor, just imagine being a 6th grader and having your work in a gallery. I didn’t get to experience it though because I was on vacation, but I imagine it would have been so fun

Lastly I just want to say that I had a ton of fun making these tree books, and the best part was the result. The result was just outstanding. So now I challenge you to try to make a tree book but if you can’t, don’t worry at least we can say you tried!



My Frances Dowell Story





Hello, today I am going to tell you about a 4-6 month story I wrote called a Frances Dowell story. So let me start you off with what is a Frances Dowell story. Well, a Frances Dowell book is a book we made as 6th graders off of Frances Dowell’s advice on how to make a story.

One thing I learned from Frances Dowell on making a story is that the opening scene or the first draft is the hardest part of the story because you never know what to start off with and if you start off with something and you don’t like it you have to restart. I also got taught a lot about stick and stone problems and big monster problems and this is when you run into a huge or not huge problem. Some stick and stone problems I went through were when I was writing some of the story what I was writing made no sense but I didn’t know how to write it. A monster problem I went into was I changed my whole big problem of the book and I had to change a few other parts in my book, just because of this.

Some things I left out in the revising stage was I forgot a lot of commas and I learned that with the dialogue you have to start a new paragraph each time like this.

”Hi I’m Jude.”

“Oh Hi I’m Jeremy.”

Also, something else I learned is that when you’re ending a sentence with dialogue the period goes in the dialogue not outside.

Mrs. Dowell read a excerpt (a section) from my story and based on the compliments she gave me after the story I could tell she liked my story! Some hardship I faced writing the story was in the middle of the story I would get stuck on what to write next and this would keep happening and I was running out of ideas. I don’t think I will continue to write more stories but this has been an incredible experience and I am really proud of what the outcome of my story was.

My story is going to be sent to Mrs. Dowell and if you are reading this Mrs. Dowell then I want you to have a great time reading my story because it was all based on your advice!

So to end this blog off I want to say that writing a story (especially  off of Mrs. Dowell’s advice ) was an incredible experience and I think you should try to do this too. Down below is the link to her website where you can find out how to make a story!

( P. S. This link below is the link to Frances

website check it out!!!



The LeBron I Promise

“LeBron James” by themmg is licensed underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This is the story about how I’m going to get the LeBron I Promise shoes. My family and I were going shopping on the weekend at the mall and we went to Nike. I saw these LeBron I Promise shoes and I liked them a lot.

So I told my dad I wanted them and my dad said, “No, you already have shoes.” So when we got home I asked my dad again, “Dad, I really like these shoes can I have them?” So my dad said, “Hmm how about this Jude, I will get you these shoes but I’m going to get this to you for your birthday.”

I then said, “Dad, that’s 5 months away. I don’t want to wait that long.”

So he then said, “Fine, I’ll get you them now but it’s your birthday gift from me.”

I said, “Okay” and he said we would get them for me next week.

I am very excited about these shoes. The reason I like these shoes are well first of all they are very colorful and they really cool. I also learned it’s a good shoe for a good cause. LeBron James made this shoe based on the I Promise school he made.

Comment if you think these shoes are cool. See you all next time!!!

( P.S.    There were no images that were not copyrighted so if you want to see the shoes go look up LeBron I Promise shoes thanks! )

Window And Mirror

“The Sword of Summer” by Vernon Barford School Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


This is my window or mirror book. Before I tell you which book this is to me you may be wondering, what is a window or mirror? A mirror is a book you feel like you can relate to and you can connect to yourself. A window is a book that you feel like your stepping into, or you’re stepping into a imaginary window and that window leads you to your book.

Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer is a window book for me. It is a fantasy book about gods and a character ( Magnus Chase ) who finds out he’s the son of a god and he’s a really important character because without him Ragnarak starts ( A very bad thing).

Now this doesn’t relate to me so this a window book for me because when I read this book I feel like I am stepping into. I feel like once I start reading or once I start stepping into it, I feel like the world has changed and I’m in my book’s world, I’m in the setting, time, and area of my book.

I highly recommend reading Magnus Chase if you like fantasy books. It’s great and if you want a window book read Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer.

(There are three books in the series)

My January Daily Habit

This is my January daily habit chart. My January daily habit was to walk or run every single day. I think this is good because it is good exercise. For my February daily habit, I’m going to stretch every single day. This will be good for me because at the end of the month I will feel good, because I stretched every single day.
Some challenges I faced with my January daily habit was I was always so tired so I didn’t want to go on a run, but I knew I couldn’t walk every single day because that is not my January daily habit. For some of my days I did my January daily habit on the Peloton exercise machine because we recently got one and it is good because I can do different exercise sessions.

I think what I will do for my daily habits on all the months will be to do one month exercise and one month stretch or some other thing that is relaxing. For example, January I walked or ran. So for February I’m stretching, and it will go on and on and on like that. I hope you enjoyed my January daily habit blog post. Thanks for reading!

What Punctuation Mark Am I



I think I’m a question mark because a lot of people, especially my family tend to say I ask a lot of questions and I’m a really curious person. I also am a exclamation mark. I tend to stick out a lot . People also say I have a loud voice. For example, at home I’m always asking questions about the most random things, and when we are out of the house I usually always have a loud voice. I’m a exclamation point because I am also very athletic and me being energetic helps. I am a ? and a ! and I’m proud to be those punctuation marks.


My Plank And Daily Habit

Hi, for the last few weeks we did the plank challenge. In the plank challenge you plank and every two days the time you have to plank increases 10 more seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, it was very difficult and day by day it got easier and easier. My final plank time was 3 minutes.

My daily habit is walk to run. I’m going to walk every day and halfway through the month I’ll run. I’m going to be doing a lot of this on the Peloton exercise machine. I think this is great because it gets me exercise.