My Plank And Daily Habit

Hi, for the last few weeks we did the plank challenge. In the plank challenge you plank and every two days the time you have to plank increases 10 more seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, it was very difficult and day by day it got easier and easier. My final plank time was 3 minutes.

My daily habit is walk to run. I’m going to walk every day and halfway through the month I’ll run. I’m going to be doing a lot of this on the Peloton exercise machine. I think this is great because it gets me exercise.

My Accomplishments During The Remote Week

Hi, I want to tell you about some of my accomplishments during my fully remote week. In math, we did a really fun project about budgeting and buying items, and that was a big success for me because I ended up doing really good! That was my favorite project, but I also did a geography project and a egg drop project for other classes. I worked at my desk in my room and what I did that helped me is I didn’t do everything at once each day. I would do an assignment or two, then take a break because of looking at a screen so much. My eyes still hurt from looking at a screen a lot but that helped. I am currently reading The Last Kids on Earth series and right now I’m on book 4. I’m also waiting for a book series called the Magnus Chase. Up above you will see my logo that represents me and all the bracelets I make. Outside of school, I usually play with my neighbor friend from my old school at his house or I play on our new Xbox that we just got.

My Gratitude

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you about my gratitude. I have gratitude towards my parents. They do so much for me to make me have a great life, and thanks to my parents I have a life. I have clothes, I have a bed, I have a brother and sister and do you know where all of this came from… it came from my parents. So my gratitude is for my parents. I’m Jude and I have gratitude for my parents.

What I’m Reading


My books on sora
Photo by Jude

These are the books I am reading currently. The one on the very right is the one I just finished. It’s called Popularmmos. This is my favorite YouTube and this is his book there are others in the series too. The two Big Nates are the ones I am currently reading, but now I want to tell you the book that got me into reading. It’s called When Friendship Followed Me Home and it’s amazing, the book was an inspiration to me. I really recommend you read it. The book on the very left is the book I’m going to read next it’s called The Last Kids On Earth and the series for that book is also amazing.

What I Notice

“Illusion (365/365)” by derrickcollins is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Have you’re brother or sister or anyone done magic to you and you just say, “ How is that possible?” it just blows your mind. Or have you ever looked at a clock then look away then look back the second hand looks like its not moving for 2 seconds. Do you realize so much more people are outside now because of COVID? Well, I see these all, comment if you do too.


“Basketball” by mvongrue is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0



Basketball is my favorite sport ever created.  Before COVID-19 I had just joined the Bobcats at AAU ( Basketball league ) but before that I was in Woodcroft for a long time. I’ve been playing basketball for so long. So anyways, I joined AAU and then COVID struck and I just stopped playing. I mean I play sometimes but not as much as I used to, and I have gotten a lot worse. So I’m going to have to practice. So now you know basketball is my favorite sport.